Grooves in the Park Party Oakland

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Grooves In The Park logoLocation:
MLK Shoreline Park
7250 Doolittle Dr.
Oakland, CA

This is a fully permitted beautiful park location right on the water about 1 mile from the Oakland Airport Hegenberger entrance.
Watch the video from the year before below.

This is a FREE event. Family & kid friendly, daytime park party, with groovers and music lovers under the sun, into the sunset, by the bay! Family, friends, kids, dogs ON LEASHES ONLY Please! No matter how nice your dog is, or you/we could be sited by park rangers for a dog off of leash citation, which is no good! Others, also don’t want your dog to be invading kids’ space, jumping, etc. Thank you.

(((your DJ’s for this glorious day will be)))
~ LEONARD (inhouse records, Tocadisco)
~ KINCAID (Grooves-In-The-Park, About The Music)
~ MIKE CACCAM (Grooves-In-The-Park, Rockton!)
~ CALI (The People)
live percussion by Eric Groove… & friends!
plus Live Art painting!

Restrooms are close by. This is a fully permitted gathering & a beautiful park location right by the water in Oakland!
>NO drinking alcohol in any form in the ‘parking lot’, or you/we will be ticketed by park police. Please no party flyers left on cars, pick up your cigarette butts & trash from the ground so we can be sure to get our deposit back, and let us all come back again.
If you must bring hard liquor PLEASE handle it at your own risk. Park police will ticket you/us if they see any hard alcohol in the park area, as they did few years back to some folks!
–>Beer and wine is OK in the park… cheers!

Please clean up after yourselves & respect this awesome location! We spend hundreds of dollars in permits on insurance, sound, dj’s, permits, etc… so please donate anything you can when the donation jar comes around. This really helps us pay some of the expensive fee’s back, and continue these free parties for everyone, (not expected but very much appreciated. : )

Come out early, get good parking, and enjoy the full day of sunshine!

~Mahalo, and see you all under the sun!

-From 880 fwy in Oakland – take the Hegenberger exit & drive (West – towards the Oakland airport) about 1 mile.
-Then, take a right on Doolittle Drive (continue straight thru >> the first stop light/DO NOT turn right there – on Swan Way!), and go about 1 mile,
-Then make a “right” (immediately before) the “MLK Shoreline Park/Shoreline Center sign” & drive into the park. We will be to your right once you drive into the parking lot & listen for the (((boom boom boom))). Parking is free!

>>>> PARKING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
You can also park in the boat launch parking lot as well, if our lot fills up. This is the other entrance next to us (we are on the lawn, in the middle of two parking lots).

If both lots are full, you may park on the
road (Doolittle Drive) but make sure your car is completely off the street/asphalt & not in the bike lane “at all”, or you will be ticketed by the coppers.

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