Oakland and San Francisco Skyline Photo

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Oakland skyline san francisco viewOakland San Francisco Bay Area Panoramic Photo
This panoramic photo was taken by me from the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland at the end of Piedmont Ave. You can go in the graveyard and continue up the mountain to the top. Once at the top of the hill you will have an amazing view of Oakland and the San Francisco skyline.
The picture is an HDR(High Dynamic Range) photo and I took 15 shots all together. 5 frames across with 3 exposures over lapping each frame. However in this cropped version it is more like 4 frames wide.

san francisco oakland panoramic photoSan Francisco Oakland Skyline Sunset

This was from the same location in the East Bay Hills at Mountain View Cemetery down Piedmont Ave. Great view.

Oakland San Francisco Skyline photoOakland San Francisco Pano Photo

This one I know was taken at the top of the Mountain View Cemetery again. I guess I do like to go up there often for sunsets over looking Oakland towards San Francisco.

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