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Do you ever find yourself saying “when I was a kid it was so much hotter” or “so much colder”. Well it seems it is true and something I have been saying forever. Back in the 80’s I remember freezes for days, heat waves and even a 7 year drought that brought along the Love To Save Water campaigns in the Oakland Unified School District.
I feel we have not had extended extreme weather like we did back then and after checking many records it appears to be true.

Month                Rec. High             Rec. Low
January:       74°F (1/28/84)        30°F (1/30/75)
February:     81°F (2/26/86)         29°F (2/05/76)
March:         88°F (3/11/05)         34°F (3/03/76)
April:           97°F (4/29/81)         37°F (4/01/76)
May:            105°F (5/12/76)      43°F (5/05/75)
June:           107°F (6/8/73)        48°F (6/16/02)
July:            103°F (7/13/72)      51°F (7/1/75)
August:        99°F (8/6/83)          50°F (8/17/77)
September:   109°F (9/14/71)    48°F (9/28/86)
October:       103°F (10/2/80)     43°F (10/6/07)
November:    84°F (11/2/97)        36°F (11/29/1975)
December:    75°F (12/7/79)       26°F (12/9/72)
Source: Yahoo Weather.

So as you can see the records high temperature and record low temperature for Oakland, CA were set back in the early 1970’s. It seems like most Oakland Record temperatures were set in the 70’s and 80’s.

The highest recorded temperature was 109°F in September of 1971.
The lowest recorded temperature was 26°F in December 1972.

Mind you all the historical weather records that I could find only date back to 1970.
These are the best records I can find containing all of the years and months for local weather in Oakland, CA dating from 1970-2011.

Here you can easily compare this day in history for the last 4 years.

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