Occupy Oakland march protest strikes and riots

Occupy Oakland
Last night I attended the Occupy Oakland march with over a thousand other people. Boy do I wish I had this with me.

It was a great night full of power, voices, numbers and an all around positive vibe…. Until the force of Oakland Police Department(with the help from many other cities from around the bay) started tear gassing innocent peaceful protestors.
They attacked the crowd with tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets. I got gassed at least 4 times last night and even after they gassed us it lingered in the air burning for a long time.
They deliberately hurt people, throwing tear gas at a crowd of people helping Scott Olson get up. They shot canisters at protestors heads. The videos are all below. Of course the news did not tell you this. That’s why I am. Police brutality against innocent citizens will not be tolerated.

City of Oakland takes action against police who used excessive force on protestors including Scott Olson.
Story here.

I’ll admit, there were a few people out there wanting to riot but there was no riot. This was done during the march after the police had already used gas a few times.
highway patrol busted out
This was the general population.
peaceful protest oakland riots

Why were so many people out there?
After 3 weeks Occupy Oakland’s encampment which was an off sprout of Occupy Wall Street was raided by OPD the night before at about 4:30am, arresting 85 people and destroying everything they had built. Their personal belongings were also confiscated and yet to be returned.
The tent city had a kitchen, library, kids zone and all. This meant a lot to a lot of people and could have been handled another way by the City of Oakland.

Here you see Boots Riley from The Coup performing at one of the free live hip hop shows.
He actually marched with us the day after the police attacks and I got to thank him for being out there and making some of my favorite music.
boots riley the coup

I know I’m going to get flak for this but here we go.
I myself, personally went by the camp only about 7 times and found it to be rather disappointing and sidetracked from the actual Occupy Wall Street movement. I know a lot of people and I mean a lot that share this exact viewpoint so just STFU and let others speak instead of alienating yourself against other people who are fed up with the system as well. We need people like me and them that want to do something but disagree with a homeless village as the answer.
It turned into way more of a “commune” as many of the Occupiers dubbed it and it seemed more of a place for the homeless to come get free stuff. Some claimed it was “their land” and they were “taking it back” and it is a “new way of living” and even called it “sustainable” and “commerce free”. However it was all bought, paid for then donated. That is a mooch economy and had nothing to do with the big corporations, banks, Federal Reserve and all else wrong with our country right now. So I just honestly could not support and was pretty upset it went from something positive to a food kitchen for the same guys that always hit me up asking me for change when I myself struggle to be where I am. Which is not really anywhere. I mean sure that’s a good cause, but not the Occupy Movement. And a lot of people are homeless beggars by choice, do nothing for themselves, are rude and overly aggressive. I’ll never support that.

I also could no longer defend to my friends who saw the same thing I saw. It became a joke and an eye sore. It smelled bad, it made the Occupy Movement look bad and was over all a fail. The City of Oakland only let it exist for so long because it wasn’t a protest, it shut nothing down, it made no difference, it was just there. Until it started becoming a safety and health hazard, then of course they shut it down real quick.

But, that got everyone else out in the streets. All of us that didn’t want to come hang out at a smelly tent city but wanted to be heard. Now what are we going to do with this forward momentum?
There is a lot going on with this nation and it was good to see so many people out there just like me. A lot of people are fed up and willing to take to the streets. To some it was to take back Frank Ogawa Plaza, which has also been dubbed Oscar Grant Plaza by a few of the Occupiers.
The Plaza was Occupy Oakland’s main base of operations where many set up tents and lived for 3 weeks.

I was not out there to take back some silly plaza. I was out there to show support in numbers and let America know we are fed up too! The nation is watching us, just like we were watching Occupy Wall St. and Egypt. The more of us that show support the easier it is for the others to come join us. We know we’re all fed up and don’t know what to do about it. Well just come out. That’s a start.
A very simple way to help is to switch to a Credit Union. Take all of your money away from big banks.

occupyoakland march ows occupy wall street

Here you can see the march going down 19th St from Broadway to Telegraph. A lot of good people, hard working Americans that make up the 99%.

This is the scene just moments before the riot police attacked us for no reason.

This is the scene after they attacked. ONE person threw a single plastic water bottle towards the cops direction and they started attacking immediately hitting and injuring innocent peaceful people.

This is what Democracy looks like…… Peaceful innocent protestor attacked by the police.

oakland police brutality victim

Another innocent victim of rubber bullets fired into the crowd at peaceful people.
oakland police brutality riot rubber bullets

This next video I did not take but it clearly shows police brutality against lovely human beings that are helping the Marine Scott Olson who was also shot in the face by the police.
Scott Olson the Marine Veteran was in critical condition fighting for his life and is now on the way to recovery.
This is very sad and it makes me want riots and destruction. We were peaceful. They attack and harm us.

This is not the first time Oakland Police have used “non-lethal” crowd control weapons on peaceful protestors.
Back on April 7th, 2003 at the Port of Oakland OPD attacked and wounded several protestors without warning.


If you want to join and get updates on marches and other events here are some links.
Occupy Oakland Facebook group This is where everyone argues.
Occupy Oakland Twitter This is where you get important updates!!!!

Also be sure to leave your bank for a Credit Union!

UPDATE! Day 2. No Police Presence.

After Oakland Police attacked the peaceful protestors and made complete fools of themselves mayor Jean Quan decided they will not be present for our demonstration the next day.
They did not call on other cities for mutual aid and there were no police at all in our crowd of around 3,000.
When we started marching there were very few police anywhere in the city and it seemed like there were more BART Police and Highway Patrol if anything.
The march went great, it was awesome and inspiring. No problems at all with no police to cause them.

General Assembly

A huge march heading through the streets.

Violent Protestors!

Last man standing in a tree! Running Wolf.
running wold occupyoakland tree sitter

The Oakland General Strike November 2nd 11/2/11
Well Oakland we did it again. We pulled off an amazing event for the people by the people. We showed the nation and the world that we mean business and we were out there in large numbers.

On our way to the Port of Oakland.
occupy oakland generl strike port of oakland protest
port of oakland protest

I have seen some media reports claiming we were only “hundreds”! We must have been at least 30,000 strong and they don’t say a word about that. So far the media has only focused on on a little violence carried out by the Blac Bloc Anarchist.
A few bank windows were broken, a Whole Foods was smashed up and a fire was started in the street. This isn’t the protestors it is the small group of Anarchist using our numbers for their goals and tainting our name in the media and provoking attacks by the police. This same group came out during the Oscar Grant protest to incite riots as well.
Good citizens and protestors tried to stop them from vandalizing and the anarchist tried to attack them too. But does the news cover that? No. They tell you that wild Oaklanders tore up their city again. This is NOT the case and anyone who was there can tell you that.

occupy oakland bank protest march

bank of america damage riot

chase bank broken window

chase bank protest oakland
The event all together was amazing. Being part of it felt like something major because it was. We are not alone and many feel the same way we do and are willing to take to the streets to show it.

I arrived around 12:30pm and 14th and Broadway was full of good people carrying nothing buy joy and pride. There was music, dancing, speeches, great signs, people handing out stickers, papers, pamphlets, free water and more.

Then it was time to march! About 2:00pm we took off heading towards the banks to protest them being open. At this point I saw about 20 or more of these anarchist all rush together wearing their masks and hoodies with backpacks full of supplies heading for the front of the march. Along the way they broke out several bank windows along Webster including Chase, Wells Fargo and a small financial institution. My good friend is a security guard at one of these buildings that does NOT house banks. They attacked his building as well breaking windows on a small business dry cleaner and a few other places for no reason. So I stopped to take some photos. By this time they are carrying onwards and attacked Whole Foods as well. Luckily they were caught on video and hopefully this can clear Occupy Oakland’s name of the unwanted violence.
Some of the protestors tried to stop them and they attacked them as well.
This has to be stopped. What can we do? They were in large numbers by the end of the day starting fires in the streets and even throwing things at police again trying to provoke riots. And they got us tear gassed once again. While we stand by peacefully they give us a bad name, the media reports that it was us and no one who wasn’t there knows the truth.

I liked the first march, we were very visible and took a highly traveled route getting support from all the cars along the way. People everywhere saw us, waved and honked happily and told us they supported us. Sure those few acts of vandalism happened but whatever. It was great overall.

The second march I didn’t really understand. I don’t know what we think we accomplished by marching on the Port of Oakland. It was night, I saw very few ships and didn’t see any full of cargo. We supposedly stopped one shift from coming in to unload, but unload what? Did they do it all ahead of time because they knew we were coming? Did they wait till we left and come in late? Or was it just a slow day at the Port with minimal containers to unload?
The Port of Oakland is not a bank and they haven’t done anything to us. In fact they employ a LOT of people. I myself used to work there in the IT Department and can say it was the best place that I have ever worked. Very friendly people that are not out to do any wrong. As for who we blocked? We didn’t really block the “Port of Oakland”, we blocked the shipping companies who rent their space. Again, from what? Did anyone see any full ships? There were so few trucks there, no train yard movement. It was a ghost town. Could it be because they truckers themselves striked the 2 days before due to explosive shipping containers arriving?
When the Port is in full swing there are lines of trucks for days, trains full of containers and so on. But that’s usually early on in the day or when major ships arrive stacked full of cargo.
I was against the idea but marched anyways with a bunch of my friends to be one of the numbers, to show support and to let others know we’re all out here in solidarity.
I kind of think whoever came up with this idea wanted to steer us away from downtown or where others can see us. But around that time of night there is not a lot to shut down anywhere besides like Walmart or something.

Regardless of what I find to be misdirection a lot of positive came form the General Strike. March on Occupy Oakland. I will continue to join. I just hope we have better ideas in the future.

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