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Oakland Graffiti Mural Art

I’ve decided to to start a running article where I will add random photos of murals and graffiti art I have taken from around Oakland. These will all be graffiti paintings, murals and other Oakland ART mostly taken with my cellphone, so don’t expect too much and feel free to email me photos you’d like […]

bubb runn whistle tips

Bubb Rubb Invented Viral Videos

Bubb Rubb from Oakland invented Viral Videos with Whistle Tips. You may have forgotten but once upon a time, before memes and internet ADD there was Bubb Rubb, possibly the first to go viral from a news clip in the early days of Youtube. And he is from Oakland of course. The whole thing started […]

weed on airplane

Sneaking Weed On A Plane Is Easy

Here’s how, it’s actually really easy to sneak marijuana on a plane and fly with weed here in the United States. With the laws in most states geared towards medical marijuana, people have been asking if you can bring weed on an airplane legally or even sneak it on a plane without a medical card. […]

farmers market

Oakland Farmers Market Info List

A list of Oakland fresh food and produce Farmers Markets. Many of these markets include live music and arts and crafts. Schedules subject to change without notice. This list is current for 2014 and updated when new information arises. Old Oakland Farmers’ Market – Year Round Friday 8am-2pm | Ninth & Broadway The Old Oakland […]

mission bart sucks

BART Sucks -10 Reasons You Hate It

B.A.R.T. stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit, in case you did not know. While writing this article I realized I am way more upset at BART than I knew so I’ll start there. As someone who rides BART every day Monday through Friday I must say I am getting very fed up with the poor […]

sunset san francisco skyline

Best Views In Oakland Skyline

The beautiful Oakland Skyline. Growing up in Oakland and having awesome parents that would take me places, I’ve always been privy to some amazing views of our beloved geographic paradise. Oakland is a geographical diamond in the beautiful state of California, meaning we have a few really easy to access locations right here in Oakland. […]


Gentrification In Oakland Caused By Landlords

Let me start by saying I was born and raised in Oakland and so was my mom. I am second generation Oakland grown and I came from a poor family and lived in lower class neighborhoods surrounded by section 8 apartment complexes patrolled by the Oakland Housing Authority. Follow OaklandMofo on Instagram I love what’s […]

flea markets antique fair

Oakland Flea Markets

Oakland has various flea markets based on the day of the week but there are a few major ones worth checking out. Oakland Coliseum Flea Market 5401 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA 94601 | (510) 534-0325 7 days a week but of course much more populated on Saturday and Sunday. Entry fee varies between .50 cents […]

port of oakland cranes at at walkers star wars

Port of Oakland Cranes? Star Wars AT-AT Walkers?

Port of Oakland Cranes Vs. AT AT Walkers You have probably heard the ongoing urban legend that George Lucas got his idea for the Star Wars AT-AT Walkers from the Port of Oakland Shipping Container Cranes while flying into Oakland International Airport (OAK). Can it be confirmed? Who knows the truth. I think it’s highly […]

Lake Merritt construction

Lake Merritt Information Photos History

Ahhh Lake Merritt, the lake of a thousand smells. I’ve heard a lot of rumors regarding Lake Merritt and it’s origins. So I decided to write this article about the history and facts of Lake Merritt. I hope this article helps spread some proper and informative information for all. Please share with fellow Oaklander’s. Is […]

oakland weed medical marijuana dispenseie

Top Oakland Weed Dispensaries Cannabis Clubs

The City of Oakland currently has 8 permitted Medical Marijuana Cannabis Dispensaries listed below. There are also underground bootleg Measure Z clubs where no medical marijuana card is needed if you know the right people. Oakland’s List Of Best Medical Marijuana Clubs Keep reading to find out more. Harborside Health Center 10am-8pm 7 Days A […]


Info: East Bay Bike Party! 2nd Fridays

Bike Party Dates: 1st Fridays – San Francisco Bike Party 2nd Fridays – East Bay Bike Party 3rd Fridays – San Jose Bike Party 4th Fridays – Critical Mass Bike Party! I am a huge fan of the East Bay Bike Party(join group for invites to rides) and San Francisco Bike Party so I put […]


Dimond Park Sausal Creek Trail Liemert Bridge

Dimond Park Sausal Creek Trail is a little known trail running along side of Park Blvd in the Dimond Canyon. It starts in Dimond Park and goes along side the creek for a little while under the Liemert Bridge and onto the Montclair Golf Course. It’s a rather short trail as you can see from […]

lake merritt bike path

Easy Bike Rides In Oakland

There are a few easy yet fun Oakland bike rides I myself like to go on so I thought I would share with you. These are the short sweet simple easy rides with pleasurable outcomes that do not require any kind of special bike or training however it is suggested that you wear your helmet […]

oakland map 1900

Long Distance Moving Companies In Oakland

As someone who was born and raised in Oakland and finally just moved out, I can say that you do not really want to move to Oakland. Trust me. Oakland has gone from a bleak economical black hole to a pricey destination hot spot over the last decade, but that does not mean it’s the […]


Oakland Is Proud Mural

Back when I was a kid there was an awesome mural on East 12th pretty near the McDonald’s and where the Old Montgomery Ward Building was located. It read “Oakland Is proud”. And it has stuck with me ever since. I’ve located it to share with you. Photo by dem_bonez Flickr. And since I mentioned […]

morcom rose garden oakland

Secret Morcom Rose Garden

Somehow very few people know of Oakland’s Secret Rose Garden hidden in a residential neighborhood off of Grand Avenue on Jean Street. Morcom Rose Garden, also known as the Morcom Amphitheater of Roses is a great little secret park. If you like running the Cleavland Cascade but find it’s suddenly gotten too crowded the last […]


UPDATED: Oakland Homicide Rate

20 murders in 2015 as of early March. Oakland Police Scanner (search this one on your phone) 2015 Latest Murder (updated too frequently) 2014 Victim List and summaries. Subscribe for more Oakland. Oakland Crime Statistics Maps Spot Crime | Crime Spotting | Crime Watch | Crime Reports You can donate to me for all of […]

Oakland A's scoreboard

Oakland Coliseum City Facts History & Future

Oakland Coliseum Facts: The Oakland Coliseum, built in 1966 is currently the 5th oldest MLB stadium and 4th oldest NFL Stadium. It houses both the Oakland A’s MLB baseball team and the Oakland Raiders NFL football team. It seats 63,000 in full attendance for the Raiders but only 34,000 for the A’s due to the […]

cat adoption

Adopt A Cat In Oakland

Where is the best place to adopt a cat in Oakland? Well you would think the answer is easy, but these days there are several options and you want to make sure you choose the right place. I mean, any place will do but it would be nice to put your money / time or […]

f16 thunderbirds air show

Travis Air Force Base Air Show Canceled

Update 2015 Airshow: Sadly after a plane crashing at the Air Show in 2014, it appears Travis AFB is not going to have an airshow for 2015. Continue reading for more information on the crash and other air shows in the California region you can attend. California Capital Airshow 2015 Mather Airport Sacramento Mather Airport, […]

Tallest Building in Oakland, The Ordway Building

The Ordway building is the tallest building in Oakland and tallest building in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco. It is 28 floors high and was built in 1970. The Architecture for this building was Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. It will remain the tallest building for a while, other buildings are in the works […]

donate car bay area

Donate Your Car San Francisco Bay Area

The Best Car Donation programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sometimes you need to just get rid of your used car hassle free and get a tax write off. The best way to do this is to donate your car to a local charity and Oakland, California has plenty of those in need of […]

Support Local Oakland Organizations

So I logged into Amazon Prime(free 30 day trial) the other day and saw they have a Smile program that allows you to select a local organization to donate towards. While shopping on Amazon .05% of your purchase will go towards the organization of your choice. That may not seem like a lot but it […]

oakland police helicopter

Oakland Police Helicopter Flying Now

Why is the Oakland Police Helicopter flying now? If you’re wondering why there are helicopters over Oakland right now here are ways to find out. 1) Sign up to get text updates from the Oakland Police Department. I have instructions on this article. 2) The Oakland Police Scanner app. If you search for it on […]

stolen bike sf bay area

Recover Stolen Bike Bay Area

The fear of getting your bike stolen in Oakland is real and if you’re from Oakland, chances are it’s already been stolen at some point in life. When you have a nice bike and you live in an area where the crime is so high, it kind of keeps you from using that bike as […]

frisco san francisco

San Francisco Is Frisco

This is something I must get off my chest. San Francisco IS FRISCO! Frisco I.M.P. Here are some real underground Filmore and Hunters Point G’s who tell it how it is. How can your new money self argue this and tell me or anyone that we can not call it Frisco? Go home. As someone […]

yosemite view point

Yosemite Day Trip From The Bay Area

Bay Area to Yosemite, a day trip. What most locals don’t realize is that you can drive to Yosemite and back in a single day from the Bay Area. We are pretty lucky when you think about it. This means you can get the Yosemite Valley experience on a random Saturday or Sunday without camping. […]

parkway theater sign

New Parkway Theater reopened Movie, Pizza AND Beer?

We Love You Oakland sign at the closed down Parkway Theater on Park Blvd. As you may have heard the Parkway Theater is reopening. I would love to say that’s true but not entirely. There is actually a new group who signed a lease at a new venue in Oakland’s Uptown District at 474 24th […]

cranes shirt

Oakland Cranes Shirt!

The famous East Bay Port of Oakland Cranes! Why? Because Oakland is Proud! The Oakland cranes rock. These are Bay Area Landmarks with the whole Star Wars Cranes rumor and all. These shipping cranes move so many tons of goods through our system daily! Crane Shirt Buy Now The shirt comes in all different sizes […]

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