Radiation Levels From Japan In California

Radiation Map
west coast radiation map

Is there radiation in California?
The Government would like you to believe it’s not. However if you read on you’ll find the answer is it seems to already be here. You have 2 sides to this story, self proclaimed internet scientist saying no worries and self proclaimed internet scientist saying worry. Who can we trust? I claim to be neither but have gathered alarming evidence from around the web that points to a dying ocean and devastating future for all of humanity. Radiation or not.

We’ll start here.

Radioactive Elements Released
Iodine-131 life 8 days
Cesium-134 life 2 years
Cesium-137 life 30 years

Good News?
Cesium-134 has a semi short shelf life of only 2 years. This could be good but the fact that it is still being produced from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant doesn’t help. Scientist believe that up to 80% of the cesium was dropped out of the atmosphere and into the ocean by rain along the way across the Pacific Ocean.
Currently any cesium-134 in the ocean is coming from Japan as there was no other nuclear accidents in the last 2 years.

Bad News?
Cesium-137 has a long lifespan of around 30 years. That means there may be cesium-137 floating around in the upper atmosphere and oceans from Chernobyl and all of the governments nuclear test in our oceans and atmosphere in the 60’s. It could also be why we’re in a cancer epidemic.
Cesium-137 levels recorded off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean were among the planets lowest measuring around 2 becquerels per cubic meter (1 becquerel/Bq equals one radioactive decay event per
second) but are now reading at 60 million becquerels per cubic meter. This is said to be high enough to cause reproductive and health effects in marine animals.

First Responders Getting Sick?
It is reported that over 71 sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan are now coming down with major illnesses and cancers. The first responders on the Navy ship were sailing in the waters near Fukishima and on board a ship that would take in the water, desalt and then use for daily use for the crew. SO they were pretty much showering in radioactive water. They even reported “radioactive snow” which is caused by freezing air mixing with radioactive debris. I wonder what that looks like?
This MSNBC reporter was told NOT to talk about it and even resigned from the news station after the censorship.

This is a list of all of the mass animal die offs happening around the world currently.

Starfish Die Off?
A massive Starfish die off is currently happening along the entire West Coast. The Sea Stars are experiencing something by the name of Wasting Star Syndrome which is not a new thing, however it has never been seen on this massive widespread level and scientist are not ruling out a major ecosystem change in the Pacific Ocean due to Fukishima fallout.

Bald Eagle Die Off in Utah?
Some are pointing towards radiation, some towards another bacteria by the name avian cholera that Eared Grebes have contracted and brought to Utah. But it seems the final analysis it The Western Nile Virus. Even though this is not to blame from the radiation in Japan it is frightening because nothing like this has ever been seen in Utah.

Thousands of Swallows Starve To Death in Oregon?
Recently thousands of Swallows in Oregon began to die off without explanation and in large numbers. It has been said they starved to death due to harsh weather and not being able to go out hunting insects during the storm.

Polar Bears, Walruses and Seals With Hair Loss and Sores?
It has become yet another mystery where masses of animals are experiencing similar symptoms of unknown diseases. They have patches of hair loss and open sores and are dieing.
I’m not sure if this has been solved and even if it is not related to the Japan radiation the point is look at all these major losses of life so far? Radiation or not we need to do something ASAP or face mass extinction when the ocean ecosystem dies.

TONS of Sardines Washing Ashore Dead!
Sardines are some what of a blood line for the Pacific Oceans ecosystem and a major role in the food chain. In Japan over 200 tons washed up on shore, dead, bleeding and even turning the sea red. If these fish are dying from radiation poisoning that could make sense as to why the other marine mammals are coming up sick, hairless, starving and dead. This is pretty concerning.

Mass Ocean Die Off Dismissed As Sea Snot?
Fish and other mammals everywhere are not all that is dieing. The entire ocean seems to be dropping off. About 24 years ago we began measuring “sea snot” which is basically the dead life at the bottom of the ocean on the ocean floor. Decay and rot of dead sea life that feeds new deep sea life. Previously it has been at about 1% covering of the sea floor but now the sea floor is 98% covered in sea snot aka dead life forms! This is bad because a lot of the earths oxygen comes from sea life, plankton and such and it is all dieing.

Current Conditions?
TEPCO has been under a lot of fire for withholding information and not being very open about what’s going on. Recently there has been a lot of concern about new radioactive plumes coming out of the Tepco power plant nuclear reactor #3. TEPCO claims these radioactive plumes are just left over rain water evaporating. But for massive clouds, it seems like a little more than rain water? Most would accept this as truth if Tepco had been more transparent before but now it seems like they are trying to cover their own butts.
Another theory is the molten ball of whatever is burning through the earths core and hitting ground water causing massive poisonous evaporation clouds. I don’t know how this all works but I guess if there is a 5,0000 degree ball of nuclear materials melting on the ground it only makes sense that it would keep burning through the earth until it hit the core? Or get’s too hot and explodes underground inside the earth?

When Will The Contaminated Sea Water Get Here?
With 300 plus tons of contaminated ground water spilling into the ocean each day, people want to know when will that get here to California? Some say it could take up to 5 years and some say 3 years. Interesting, it hasn’t even hit yet according to these reports.
They are saying that because cesium-137 is denser than water most of it will fall to the bottom of the ocean and settle. This sounds good but it is still ruining the ecosystem and wreaking havoc as you can see.
I’m sure you’ve all seen the beach video showing the geiger counter and high levels of radiation on the California beaches. But they fail to tell you it is always like that. They call it naturally occurring but it goes far back to the days of blowing up countless nuclear bombs in the Pacific Ocean and the long standing effects on our ocean.

Extreme Danger?
Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, nuclear physicist or internet conspiracy theorist to figure out we are one natural disaster away form mass extinction. There is an abundance of spent fuel rods in each nuclear reactor and they are all sitting, waiting for the next earthquake or tsunami to cause a meltdown so catastrophic we won’t have to worry about any of this anymore.

Japan Nuclear Crisis

The distance from Japan to California is something like 5,100 miles. Exactly? I’m really not sure but the point is it’s a LONG way.
The distance from Japan to California allows for a lot of dissipation along the way and because the radioactive fallout cloud material is denser than air it falls to the ground or gets brought down by radioactive rain along the way over the Pacific Ocean. But it is still showing up on the West Coast and in California.
On it’s 5,0000 mile journey it must fight major sea currents and even hang out in the Pacific Garbage Patch for a little bit, further diluting it. And more and more will likely fall to the sea floor. but say it is escaping, over the next 3 decades it will work it’s way all the way to the Indian ocean.

West Coast And California Radiation Maps

Here are a few live radiation maps you can check for a current radiation levels in California based on real time Geiger Counter stations in the US.
Radiation Level California
Radiation USA Map
Pick A State

So in conclusion, I think we may be doomed and it could be slow and painful for many.
If you think about it this is not the first time the West Coast has been bombarded with radiation. The US Government dropped a few nuclear bombs on Japan back in 1945 during World War II. Also our very own Gov dropped many many bombs in the Pacific Ocean and Nevada Deserts back in those days.
Now a days we have a cancer epidemic. Could this be the result?

This time lapse shows every nuclear bomb dropped over the span of 1945-1998. It’s quite sad.

Potassium Iodide Pills?
I personally am worried because there is radiation in California and San Francisco from the Fukushima, Japan disaster.
So like everyone else did(including the government recently) I hopped online and bought Potassium Iodide Supplement pills. They are also known as Iodine Supplements or Iodoral pills. Of course being curious first I read the many positive reviews and I realized that Iodine Supplements are good for your health regardless of radiation poisoning from Japan.
Serious Business. On December 6th the US Government ordered 14 million pills, shouldn’t you have some? What do they know that we don’t?
They are either getting ready for nuclear war or fallout.

Don’t Worry!!!!
You have many sites telling you not to worry and down playing the whole incident as nothing.
Some have even stated you can swim around the power plant off the coastal waters of Japan and be fine. Considering tons of radioactive ground water is pummeling the ocean front there I would discredit anything this site ever says after that.
They are also saying there is this 11MW(mega watt) ball of molten nuclear fission burning it’s way through the earths surface. Will it ever stop? What happens if it gets to the core?

Do Worry!!!!
Lethal Doses At Plant

Japan Earthquake Timeline

This video is intense! Skip ahead to 1:45 if you want to see just before the big earthquake.

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  1. Mike says

    Well Chernobyl was a picnic…
    And yes, radiation can have positive health effects.
    But the difference concerning Fukushima is the PLUTONIUM!
    This stuff is millions of times more toxic than Uranium!
    A tip of a needle of that stuff makes you defecate and puke blood until you die instantly, just like the sea-creatures found bleeding with sores.
    What TEPCO is pouring into the ocean is gonna kill us all sooner or later.
    But no foreign help is allowed – otherwise the secret nuclear weapons program in Reactor 3 would be uncovered.

  2. No One Important says

    I live in Portland and I have been unlucky enough to have drinking water that is unfiltered from an open air reservoir. I have also swam In the Columbia River a few times and the Hanford. I have most likely have been exposed to a hell of a lot radiation but according to medical test all of my organs are in acceptable condition. I also smoke more than anyone should and have lived around asbestos but my lungs are perfect. Did growing up in a radiation rich environment give me the ability to heal faster than you? When a doctor says a week it only takes 3 days for my shoulder to heal from a dislocation what about yours? If you are smart enough to figure out who I am I would like to see your answer.

  3. Todd Perry says

    The radiation has already hit the US West Coast and has been here for years.
    The food crops and dairy cattle in California have been tested positive for radiation from Fukashima for a few years now.
    When is the next plume with higher radiation levels going to hit.

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