UPDATED: Oakland Homicide Rate

oakland police badge icon Oakland 80 Homicides at the end of 2014.
11 murders already in 2015 as of late January.
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We just had a 30 day no kill streak.
OPD sated it’s been over 10 years since we have had a 30 day no kill streak. Since the late 90’s even.
But with the police killing of fleeing home invasion suspect Jacorey Calhoun is our slate still clean? I guess technically we could say yes as this was a police murder of a highly wanted fleeing suspect after a 50 block high speed chase.
There is also Hector Uribe who was shot and killed by a security officer at the Oakland Coliseum Flea Market. They have released very few details on the case other than he may have been breaking into a car and 2 guns were recovered from the scene so this one may also keep the record clean and go down as dangerous criminal rightfully shot and not a homicide.

Even now after the no kill streak numbers are getting fishy from various reporting agencies. So my number may be a few lower than another site but I am going on actual reports and crime statistics from OPD.

However because I pay close attention to the topic I have noticed a few bad trends. Many people are still being shot, luckily they are just not being killed. The Oakland murder rates have been so high because of gang wars in Oakland and turf battles but a lot of those people are already dead and in jail so the overall death toll is dropping.
But what about these other shootings? It turns out a lot of innocents are being shot in the legs and arms purposely during recent robberies. So the street criminals that are out robbing people are also shooting them in a manner that will not kill them. And some of these are victims that have already surrendered their possessions and phones.

Random Oakland Shootings
1 Robbed, shot and killed while hiking in Oakland Hills Park [link]
2 Shot for no reason in leg [link]
2 innocents 1 robbery and one no reason [link]
1 shot downtown for no reason. [link]
1 shot in back while fleeing possible robbery [link]
1 robbed then shot in back of head [link]
1 64 year old man shot in shoulder after robbery [link]
1 shot during robbery while fleeing [link]
1 shot while resisting robbery [link]
2 shot in separate robberies [link]
1 shot in leg while resiting robbery [link]
1 shot in hand while resisting robbery [link]
1 recent home invasion robbery no shooting [link]
1 shot in head during robbery [link]

So as you see there is actually a very dangerous deadly trend on the rise in Oakland. I have only listed a few of the shootings that did not amount to deaths but there are a lot more. The thing I find most alarming is the trend in shooting robbery victims for no reason.
The war on gentrification has gotten dangerous.

While gang shootings, murders and neighborhood violence is dropping, things like car jackings, residential robbery such as burglary and home invasion are on the rise. So basically while the people in the streets have killed off most of the targets and murders rates are indeed dropping, crime on new comers moving to Oakland is still on the rise so be careful.

It turns out Oakland made the robbery capitol of America yet again in 2013. Surprised? Not at all.
Murders are going down and transplants are being robbed.

Bookmark and check back here, this article is updated per murder. I think the reason people are getting away with so much crime is because the Oakland Police Department doesn’t fly the police helicopter(ARGUS) anymore.

Do you think Oakland needs a youth curfew?

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oakland police badge iconOakland Crime Rates

Here are the yearly murder trends.
Note these are obtained from a few sources and some murder totals conflict on various reporting agencies such as FBI vs OPD and local news agencies so I have included multiple numbers for the conflicting murder totals. FBI is included first.

2013: 89 / 92 homicides. An improving trend and even a low we haven’t experienced since 2004.
2012: 127 / 135
2011: 104 / 110
2010: 90 / 95
2009: 104 / 110
2008: 115 / 125
2007: 120 / 127
2006: 145 / 148
2005: 93 / 94
2004: 83
2003: 109
2002: 108
2001: 84
2000: 80
1999: 68
1998: 81
1997: 110
1996: 102
1995: 153
1994: 151
1993: 167
1992: 175 deaths Oakland’s murder record
1990: 146

Oakland Robbery Rates Rising
Robberies(highest in the nation).
Be careful with you cellphone! Cell phone theft is on the rise, especially in Oakland.
Cell phones are being snatched right out of peoples hands in crowded public places like downtown and on crowded buses.
If you have an Android phone you can activate Googles built in security to find your phone now.

Ever wonder how many Police Officers Oakland has?
Well according to this report Oakland has 615 Police Officers in October 2013. Which is a 10 year low and down from a high of 837 officers 4 years ago.
Not very good timing considering all the negative press and increased crime rates.

I think a huge part of the increase in crime over the last few years is the grounding of the Oakland Police helicopter aka the “ghetto bird”. Read more at the link below.
Facts about The Oakland Police Helicopter.

To add even more funk to the high crime in Oakland you now have just as many police officer suicides as you do police officers killed in the line of duty over the last 4 years. 4 each.

oakland police badge iconOakland Crime Maps

Spot Crime
Oakland Crime Spotting
City of Oakland Crime Watch
Oakland Crime Reports

Other Bay Area Cities 2014:
San Jose 26 homicides (Mid September)
San Francisco 41 Homicides (Early December September)

San Francisco Homicide Rate:
2013: 46 killings
2012: 68 homicides
2011: 50 deaths
2010: 48 deaths
2009: 45 victims
2008: 98 killings
2007: 100 murders
2006: 86 dead

Richmond Homicide Rate
2012: 18 homicides
2011: 26 murders
2010: 21 deaths
2009: 47 victims
1991: 62 murders

San Jose Murder Rate Rising:
2013: 44 killings
2012: 46 murders
2011: 41 deaths

Berkeley Homicide Count:
2011: 1
2010: 5
2009: 6
2008: 8
2007: 5
2006: 4

Text Updates From Oakland Police Department OPD

Oakland Police Department buildingIt’s simple, just text your zip code to 888777.
That’s it! You’re done! Be prepared to get updates from your local Police Department.
The service is Nixle.

Popped in Oakland: The Follow Up

This documentary about shootings in Oakland takes you down the rabbit hole into deep East Oakland.

In response to a few comments saying we don’t need a youth curfew and that it won’t help with the problem. It would help greatly.
What kid under 18 should be out past 10pm on any given night? Most of the killings and robberies are from people under 18.

Some say we just need after school programs? How would that benefit 11pm on a Saturday night?

Or more jobs? Easy to say but where do jobs come from? Thin air?
Why would any smart company move into Oakland? So that their employees can get robbed walking from the office to BART?
And if another company did move in offering 10,000 positions how many of those would be fillable by some 17 year old killer with no skill set?
Oh so now you say we need more schools? More schools won’t make someone learn. It won’t stop them from doing what they are doing. Anyone who wants to learn can and will.
I work in the IT field and did not go to “school” for it. I learned on my own on the internet.
I too am from the Oakland Unified School District and dealt with over crowded classrooms.

Parents are the issues, morals are the issue, lack of police to stop these people without parents or morals is the issue.
So you can pretend poor Oakland and it’s lack of schools and jobs but the real issue is a bunch of residents of Oakland at this time period don’t value human life, couldn’t work a job if they even wanted one and wouldn’t attend after school programs if they were available.

I love my city, born and raised here and seen it through a lot of tough times. This is not about negativity. My entire site is promoting Oakland. Take a look around.
Be proud of your city and neighbors. Don’t be part of the problem.

Updated very frequently.


  1. Dat OneBrawd says

    R.I.P to the people lost
    Women, children, men and there families….
    We need to come together and spread love
    Not ignorance and hate

  2. Jessica Eiko Hollie says

    Way to fear mongering. We don't need a youth curfew, we need schools to stay open and permenant jobs. That will decrease crime. Howard Jordan and Jean Quan haven't done anything with the 100 block scenario, including informing people of where this supposed 100 blocks is. Larry Reid has been "tough on crime" since the stone ages when he was voted in, but his district continues to be one of the most crime ridden areas. More police does not mean less crime. We are not all criminals.

  3. Erin Leigh Oliver says

    Haven't you realized Poverty = Crime.What is a curfew going to do? Maybe if it didn't take 45 minutes for someone to show up to a 911 call or maybe if the city didn't spend over 5 million dollars shooting tear gas at peaceful protestors they could have been helping people.

    People will do what they have to put food in their mouth, a roof over their head, and the lights on. When you guys get that and stop BS'ing about a curfew instead of the REAL issues then stop fronting.

  4. Charlie Zolan says

    Obama could help if he cared as much about Oakland as he does his useless investments like Solyndra. Tell Obama to bring those shovel ready jobs he used to talk about to Oakland.

  5. Ti'Isha Edwards says

    not when it come to children. They need a curfew to learn how to govern themselves when they become adults.

  6. Ti'Isha Edwards says

    alot. I have been an oakland resident since 1973 and we had a curfew given by my mother. Be home before the street lights come on. I was not allowed to hang out after dark.

  7. Daniel Shelkofsky says

    As a west Oakland resident, the systemic nature of the problem is painfully clear. Poverty, lack of jobs and educational incentive, and a violence-obsessed media culture is what keeps the block so damn hot all the time. Crooked police don't help…

  8. Loveable Lalastaybossy Hatter says

    This is the worst story I have watch in a long time.. this reminds me of slavery when the owners of slaves will beat the ones for reading, or looking them in the eye.

  9. Mikey Mack says

    you think a curfew is going to keep a 15-17 year old killer inside? I don’t think so. By age 12 these children have already mastered the art of eluding the police. I know for a fact that it would cause trouble for teen parents working late to provide for their families or childern. i know it would give the police a reason to stop everyone that “fits the description” what we need is gun control, not the type that makes things harder on registered owners or make it harder to obtain a legal weapon. truth be told this crime in oakland isn’t being commited with legally owned weapons. theres mass killings going on daily in inner city areas its not headlined because it isn’t a school or an airport. Is the true problem the age? Or how easy it is to access guns and how quickly they get released after being caught with them?

  10. R.I.P Vell says

    People need jobs so they can stress less and support their families.When you don’t have a roof or food to eat,you do dumb and hateful things.js

  11. TAGGUUIITT says

    My Grandpa and my Father died one 33 other younger than in his twenties they died in the streets both from gunshot wounds diff years diff crimes but they died the same way lost blood from left leg artery not includung other family i lost to guns it is what it is and whats its go be STILL LOVE MY CITY REGARDLESS THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE IT

  12. mike says

    I’m from oakland living in northern Colorado and the perception of oakland here is so negative and not just because of the raiders, but they have a sense that the town is a barberic place where there is nothing but zoo animals running around all wild….they are truly shocked at how articulate and smart I am coming from there, I have to argue with people in support of my wonderful city all the time…what we are doing there is getting around the world and we need to change our behavior to show how strong and smart the the people of the city of oakland

  13. Desirae Velasquez baby sister of Jacob Velasquez murdered March 5th, 14 says

    What ever happened to Peace an trust.
    Our mom now only has one son now
    We no longer have our center piece to our heart
    My big brother an big sister no longer have a baby brother to call on
    Two of us no longer have a big brother to call on
    She no longer has a uncle to call on
    He no longer has a uncle to look up to
    An he will never have a Junior to call his own.
    Love you Jacob always an forever

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